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Awkward Introductions are Awkward

I’ve had a thing for lists practically since infancy. I list pretty much everything: what I’m going to do, what I’m going to buy, where I’m going to go- I’m sure you get the idea (hopefully you do because I’m out of examples). By nature I’m quite forgetful and a tad scatterbrained so listing everything is more than likely necessary to my survival. Where was I going with this? …Oh yeah. After my 21st birthday last year in November I decided to list 22 things I wanted to do before my next birthday. This blog will document me doing those things. That last sentence reads a bit like a Law and Order intro.

Anyway, here’s the list:

  1. learn to dj
  2. get a meaningful tattoo
  3. write stories (and some other stuff too)
  4. learn Francais
  5. fill an entire sketchbook
  6. become a kickass chef
  7. host a fancy dinner party
  8. dye my hair (this will be the first time yikes!)
  9. beat a video game
  10. explore my city
  11. acquire a killer wardrobe (excuse for shopping more maybe?)
  12. give back
  13. travel somewhere I haven’t been
  14. meet someone life changing
  15. pierce something
  16. eat something bizarre
  17. start my own business
  18. learn to play chess
  19. enjoy a sunrise
  20. wear something I’ve made
  21. read 10 really good books (I wanna knock a couple more off this list)
  22. open road Kerouac style (rooad tripp!)